Value Flood Lights

Product Benefits

  • Light uniformity and sight advantage
  • Up to 80% savings in energy cost
  • Bright, robust, and durable
  • Low maintenance cost

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The Endure Series Flood Lights offer world-class performance and durability for various residential, industrial indoor and outdoor applications. These high output floodlights can effectively be used to illuminate building facades, flag poles, billboard signage besides many other uses. With a 125 lm/w lumen package and 5 wattages/lumen options, Endure Flood Lights are ideal as a future-proof replacement for conventional floodlights. Endure Flood Lights also have a built-in PIR sensor option and programming capabilities to offer intelligent solutions for maximizing efficiency. These flood lights provide excellent high quality, come with a long life of 50,000 hours and carry 5 years warranty.


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