Warranty Terms

Fast Lights warrants to the original purchaser that the Fast branded LED lighting products will be free from defects in material and workmanship which cause the Product to fail to operate in accordance with the performance specifications set forth in documentation published for or provided with the Product (“Specifications”) for the applicable warranty period and subject to the additional terms and conditions as below:
  1. The Products have been properly handled, stored, wired, transported, installed, operated and maintained
    in accordance with the applicable Specifications.
  2. A Fast Lighting representative will have access to the failed Products and the fixtures used to operate
    them. If the fixture or other parts become suspect, the representative shall have the right to invite other
    manufacturers’ representatives to evaluate the lighting system components.
  3. The Product has been purchased directly from an authorized Fast lights distributor/dealer.
  4. Purchase receipt for the Product is available for inspection by Fast.
This limited warranty does not apply to damage or failure to perform arising as a result of any acts of God or from any abuse, misuse, abnormal use, improper power supply, powers surges or fluctuations, corrosive environments, neglect, exposure or any use or installation in violation of the instructions or restrictions prescribed by Fast lights or any applicable standard or code.
This limited warranty is void if the product is not used for the purpose for which it is designed or if any repairs or alterations are made by any person not authorized by Fast lights in writing.
Fast reserves the right to modify this warranty from time to time and any modifications shall be effective for all orders placed on or after the effective date of such revised warranty.